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Think Positive vs Act Positive

Thinking about being a better footballer, a better sales person, a better leader doesn’t make you better. Doing the things as the better version of you does. Acting as the ‘better’ version of you does. Acting as if.

I have always used this with training sales people. Before you make that sales call, Act as if you have just closed a big deal. Act as if you have actually already made your monthly budget.

Just act as if ...

Make a start.

Spending just three minutes doing whatever it is you've been avoiding, acting "as if" you find it interesting, you may find yourself suddenly feeling much more committed to completing the job.

Try it.

Science suggests that you are not smiling because you are happy. You are happy because you are smiling. So if you do the thing, then the feeling will follow.

Remember ...

Act before you feel.

Your action affects your feelings.

Try this. Pronounce the letter E. And continue saying it out loud as EEEEEEEEEEEE. Are you smiling?

So you didn’t need to be happy to smile. But the fact that you just smiled means you probably feel a little happier than you did prior to this excercise. Act as if.

Ozge McAree


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