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Indulging in Luxury: The Langham Gold Coast

When you walk into the opulent Lobby of the Langham Gold Coast Hotel, many of your senses are immediately stimulated. A postcard-perfect décor, elaborate floral arrangements and a dreamy fragrance of Ginger Flower are what welcome you to this magnificent beachfront luxury hotel.


The Langham Hotels are known for their status of being the epitome of luxury in every possible way; through exquisite service and elegant design. So when we checked into the new Langham Gold Coast, we expected a one of a kind experience.

And that's exactly what we got.

At the Langham Gold Coast which only opened in 2022, you'll experience several "wow" moments. The first being when you walk through the doors.


From the moment guests arrive, they want to feel that their experience is special and unique. As scenting experts, Steve (my husband and business partner) and I understand that scent can have a huge bearing on this experience, on how a hotel is perceived and, more importantly, remembered. The Langham was one of the first hotels to adopt a signature scent. And their Ginger Flower scent, designed to relax the body and awaken the senses, is one of the most famous scents in hospitality.

A song for example has the ability to transport us to a special moment in time, but our auditory sensors are definitely runners up when it comes to that of the subconscious molding created by our sense of smell. Whether it is the smell of a newborn baby, or the fresh cut green grass in spring, or the smells we remember and are drawn to from our childhood; like crayons, markers or play dough, scents can evoke positive memories. Scents make a huge impact on our daily lives.

Smell is key, in more ways than one, and the very reason that the smartest of hotels spend a huge proportion of their branding budget on creating signature fragrances that envelop you throughout the building. A fragrance however should be not so much smelled as felt.


The hotel staff plays a pivotal role in shaping overall guest satisfaction. Here at the Langham Gold Coast, when the staff say hello to you, you get the sense that they want to say hello to you not because their manager has told them to do so. The staff at front desk during your check-in and check-out processes, in concierge services, in the restaurants and the staff who answer the phone are the ones leaving lasting impressions on guests. I believe many companies including hotels put customer satisfaction first not really understanding that if their employees are happy, their customers will be happy. Needless to say, the staff here seem very happy.


What people are saying about your hotel can be the ultimate measure of success. Reputation is consistently ranked by corporate leaders as their most valuable asset. For hotels, a strong reputation is built on things like a great guest experience, strong branding, clever marketing and exceptional communication. And it’s critical to success, with more than 8 out of 10 people saying they always or frequently read a review before booking a place to stay and more than half saying they would never book a hotel with no reviews. Steve for example is one of these people.


The Langham Gold Coast opened its doors in 2022, so it's relatively new to the scene and furthermore, it feels plucked from the streets of London or Hong Kong.

Having travelled from Sydney to the Gold Coast for over 20 years for both business and pleasure, we found that the level of service and attention to detail surpasses its competitors. While the tangible offerings like the exquisite lobby, the rooms, the restaurants, the lagoon pool, the gym and the wellness spa are important, there is quality of service and how it is perceived by the guests.


The first time we stayed at the hotel was August this year (2023) and we stayed in one of the stunning Superior King Room incredibly spacious with a huge balcony overlooking both the hinterland and the ocean. The view is enough to get you into a holiday mode even if you are there on business, which we were. If you are a fan of a quick shot of Nespresso before hitting the gym then you will be pleased to know that there is a new model Nespresso machine in the rooms. Not to mention the signature toiletries by Diptyque.

Isn’t it amazing how small touches can create big impacts for hotel guests.

Our second stay was a few weeks ago and this time we stayed in one of the One Bedroom Residences.

"Hello! I live here" was exactly what I said as I walked through the door to our One Bedroom Hinterland Residence. Generously designed in 74 to 87-square-metre units on floors 22 to 35, the One Bedroom Hinterland Residence is an exercise in modern luxury.

We were suitably impressed.

There’s a huge balcony. And the views on one side, were of the city, the mountains and of the hinterland. On the other, the sweeping stretch of beach and rolling surf. The perfect mix. Gold Coast never looked so mesmerising.

Residences are complemented with full kitchens, living area and housekeeping service every second day. You also have full access to the Health Club.


Nowadays in this health-conscious world, state of the art gym equipment has become a more important indicator in defining the luxuriousness of a hotel. The State of the Art Gym and Magnesium Indoor Lap-Pool at The Langham is a fusion of fitness and luxury.

We have stayed in many luxury hotels around the world and Langham's Gym would definitely

be in my Top 3. The facilities offer a unique experience in a unique location. An intense cardio session on the treadmill feels a tad more joyful when you let the uninterrupted views of the ocean inspire you. Or go out and run on the beach, it’s amazing.

Sometimes it’s not what you do but where you do it.

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The Gym at the Langham Gold Coast has Life Fitness equipment, cardiovascular and strengthening exercise machines such as treadmills and cycles, and a full range of free weights. There’s also an incredible indoor magnesium pool.


Beachfront Akoya is there for all-day dining and this is also where you treat yourself to a sumptuous buffet breakfast.

A rich breakfast is not in our daily routine, however when we are in a hotel — either for business or pleasure — our mornings are not complete without breakfast. I always opt for a ‘fit plate of the day’ type of breakfast, Steve more than makes up for it. I’ve found that when hotels can make breakfast their competitive advantage it helps in boosting their ratings and reviews. Hotel breakfast is one of the most important services that a hotel offers. It can easily become a reference point of satisfaction or not, for all hotel guests. It’s key in setting the mood for the day.

The amazing selection of foods coupled with its ambience, breakfast at Akoya is anything but ordinary.


I haven't had the pleasure of lazing by this magnificent pool yet but I do envisage myself swimming up to the bar for a rosé or a spritz to either sip in the water or on one of these loungers.

The lagoon pool is perfect to lounge, have a light snack or simply swim up to the bar and even take a walk straight down to the beach.

The Langham Gold Coast is a place to stay and play or venture out to discover the Gold Coast’s gems.

Who needs far-flung destinations when you can have world-class staycations right here at home?

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