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If you knew it was impossible to fail what would you do?

Don’t doubt yourself

Don’t apologise to anyone about who you are, but don’t confuse ego with self-confidence. Remember that the less knowledge, the more ego!


If you think you know everything, you can’t learn anything. So read and learn.

Have goals not just dreams!

Every dream is like laying down a single brick on the wall of your future. Dreams are what you want to achieve. So first set your dream, turn it into a goal. Define your goals and write them down. Don’t be ambiguous and general. Make it specific and then take that first step. Because this is all useless, unless you take action .

Look at the people around you

Very successful people have very successful people around them. Period.

Stop delaying and believe it will happen.

Don’t sit around and wait for motivation to come and slap you in the face. Get up and explore all the opportunities. Remember there will always be obstacles on the road to achieving our goals. This is to test our resolve. And remember those people who give up at the first sign of an obstacle, will never reach their goals. So accept that there will be walls. Break them down and keep going!

Try, try and try again.

Never give up on the first obstacle. Find a way. Perseverance and determination can open doors you can not imagine. When life shuts a door open it again. It's a door. That's how they work. Do something to deserve better things instead of whining, "Well this is all I deserve.”

Talk about your accomplishments.

Be proud. People love successful people. Besides, it's not boasting if it's true.

No excuses!

Stop finding excuses. Analyse yourself. Be open and honest. Say “I was unsuccessful" and don’t look to blame others. Take responsibility and change.

Now ask yourself ...

If I knew it was impossible to fail, what would I do?

Ozge McAree


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