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Begin Anywhere

Many of us are constantly striving to grow professionally and personally in our


Over the years, I've noticed that whenever I wait for the right time to begin doing something, the right time never comes. I also noticed that it's easier (and safer) to stand on the sidelines to convince myself of all the reasons why I shouldn’t do that thing. The sidelines by the way, are really crowded.

I've learned however, in order to get in the game, I need to take action.

And that I don't even have to wait to feel motivated first.

Because I've learned that if I do, I may actually wait a really long time to get that feeling and never end up doing anything. Because motivation actually comes, only when you take that first step. Only when you start doing.

The thing is; it isn’t that we don’t feel motivated, it’s that we imagine we need to feel motivated.

Most importantly, I've learned that there is never going to be a perfect place or perfect moment to begin and that I just need to begin wherever I am with whatever makes sense.

Beginning is what makes things perfect.

So I now just begin.


Begin anywhere.

Ozge McAree


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