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Ozge here!

Your one and only source into some hard-earned wisdom on career, style, fitness and beauty. And who am I?  "That's one secret I'll never tell! ...You know you love me. XOXO " would be my response if I was the anonymous blogger from Gossip Girl. But I'm not ...



         n entrepreneur, business                owner, a writer with a curiosity and a sense of wonder in

everything that comes my way. That's who I am. I'm fascinated about human potential and learning how we can be the best version of ourselves both personally and professionally. It turns out that I'm passionate about a variety of seemingly unconnected things: business, sales, writing, fitness, dancing (dance cardio), food (healthy eating), fashion (style), beauty (skin care and make up), scent, psychology and entrepreneurship just to name a few.


is a celebration of all of the things I love about business, style, fitness and beauty.

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If I had a middle name, it would be inspiration. I love inspiring people and I love feeling inspired. If we really want to be inspired, everything around us has the potential to inspire us. 

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I actively seek it everyday and find it in so many different places and so many different people.


My husband Steve, who is also my business partner and mentor inpires me.

For example he doesn't believe in the word 'cannae'. That's Scottish for 'cannot'. Reading this, he'll probably say "Och aye" meaning ' I agree '. Although I didn't write this to impress you with how proficient I am in the Scottish language (ok maybe a little), I will leave you with one of the most Scottish things to say, "Awa' an bile yer heid".


Now that I've sufficiently got side tracked, ma heid's mince. I totally forgot what I was about to write next. But once I start I cannae stop.


Maybe the Scottish language inspires me ...

It seems to me that inspiration is everywhere. If we really want to be inspired that is.

I get mine from so many different people, different things, different places. 

Children inspire me.

Dancing inspires me.

Books, the internet, TV, movies...

We can learn a lot from movies.

In the early part of my career, when I was working as a Sales Manager, the movie Austin Powers was a hit. My team who were a group of high achieving women, used to call me Mrs McInspire.

I suppose it was better than being called Number Two or Felicity Shagwell (if you know you know). 

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As you navigate your way around my site, you will find me sharing stories, insights, and tips to explore and inspire self-understanding so that we can create the best version of ourselves, as well as my unconnected passions I mentioned previously. 

Sometimes I communicate these through heartwarming stories so that you can connect to them and sometimes I communicate them as data, information, in other words, just as is.

I'm a firm believer that the only thing that makes a story interesting is how it's told and who's telling it. 

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Sydney, London, Istanbul 


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